The subscription for all members is $40.00 per person.
Subs are payable at the office, at the bar or you can use internet banking.

Membership Categories

New members

Membership of the Levin RSA is open to everyone aged over 18, plus we have a junior membership category. It is not necessary to be or have been serving in the New Zealand Defence Forces or the New Zealand Police in order to qualify for membership.

General pre-requisites for membership of the RSA are:

• Be a citizen of New Zealand or hold permanent residency of New Zealand;
• Be a citizen of a country belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations;
• Attained the age of 18 years for the purposes of purchase and consumption of alcohol


• Has served in the Armed Forces of Great Britain, the Armed Forces of any other Commonwealth country, the Armed Forces of any country allied to New Zealand in time of war, emergency or conflict;

• Has served in the Merchant Navy during the First or Second World Wars, or served during the Falklands War provided that the Falklands service was marked by the award of the South Atlantic Star.

Returned Member

Any person who is serving or has served overseas in time of war, emergency, in an operational or occupational force, or multinational observers for, or ad hoc force as determined from time to time by RNZRSA including serving and ex-members of the NZ Police Force.

Service Member

Any person who has served or is serving as a uniformed member of the Armed/Defence Forces or the Police Force of New Zealand and who does not possess the necessary service qualifications for Returned membership.

Associate Member

• The spouse or surviving spouse of any person who is or is entitled to become a Returned or a Service member;
• Children, or grandchildren of a member or of a person entitled to become a Returned or a Service member;
• Any person who, subject to the rules of the RSA and on approval of membership by the Executive Committee of the RSA.

Junior Member

Youth members may be admitted at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the RSA.